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Department of Dravyaguna Vigyan

Motherhood Ayurveda Medical College and Hospital, Roorkee

The Department of Dravya Guna is essentially involved with the research, teaching & training at different levels. Specific stress is laid on imparting scientific pharmacological basis of drugs originated from all natural sources viz. vegetative, animal, mineral and marine. In an era when neo-scientific world demands data based evidence bodies to substantiate and accept the millennia old facts of therapeutic benefits of the natural substances described in Ayurveda, the department recognizes and sincerely plays the leading role in creating scientific basis to rational ayurvedic therapeutics. The department deals with natural drug research in a synthetic manner by adopting both Ayurvedic and current scientific methods to generate globally acceptable data.

The Department is equipped with a highly sophisticated pharmacognosy & phytochemical laboratory to undertake analytical studies of the drug sample. Various aspects of flora are studied for exploring and determining their properties.

The Department maintains a demonstrative medicinal plant garden within the campus. The department has a rich museum of dry drug samples.

Aims and Objectives

1. To impart education to students about therapeutically used substances both at a fundamental and applied level.

2. To create evidence bodies for rational therapeutic with these natural substances.

3. To establish quality control parameters of natural therapeutic substances.

Department of

Dravyaguna Vigyan

Department of

Dravyaguna Vigyan