Motherhood Ayurveda
Medical College and Hospital

Hospital Facilities

Motherhood Ayurveda Medical College and Hospital, Roorkee

For the training of the students and treatment of patients , O P D’s of all clinical departments exist in the hospital in the well equipped 100 bedded Hospital where patients of various disorders are managed with ayurvedic therapy by specialists of respective fields . A well equipped operation theatre, labour room , pathological lab , X Ray , E.E.G , E C G , kshar sutra clinic and pancha–karma clinic render services and facilitate to the needs of patients.

Patients of various chronic ailments like Osteo-Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis , Gouty Arthriti, Asthma and bronchial Allergy , Ascites, Diabetes , Intestinal Disorder , Liver Diseases , Heart Diseases , Epilepsy Mal- nutrition related diseases of the children , Infertlity , skin disorders, Leucorrhoea and order gynaecological diseases , Fracture and dislocation , Fistula in Ano , Fissure in ano , Piles , Anal Prolapse ,chronic Ulcers , Urinary disorders , musculo skeletall disorders and autoimmune diseases etc are managed effectively with Ayurveda.