Motherhood Ayurveda
Medical College and Hospital

Principal’s Message

Prof.(Dr.) Ashok Kumar Sharma

Our ancient sages discovered the secret of healthy life through Ayurveda. This is India’s unique contribution to the world’s treasure of knowledge. Health is precious and is more than the absence of disease. It has to be preserved. Motherhood Ayurveda Medical College was established in the year 2016 to deal with human ailments in terms of clinical care, medical education and research.

Motherhood Ayurveda Medical College provides the finest learning environment with a collaborative platform that connects students,teachers and parents. The Institute is set with qualified, competent faculty to guide and direct the students to research studies about health security. Besides, imparts education with human and moral values to maximise the power of positive thinking. Today, Motherhood Ayurveda Medical College is attracting people from all over India.

I feel proud to say that the Motherhood Ayurveda Hospital is running and providing free health care to the Roorkee people. Our institute inculcates innovations to bring balance to the ecosystem and helps to improve the livelihoods of people. With much more to learn and adapt, the Motherhood Ayurveda Medical College and Hospital makes a perfect gateway for everyone for the positive promotion of Health

– Ashok Kumar Sharma